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Wig and Gown 4less is part of Princess Legal World limited, formerly trading as Princess Divine Ventures was registered on April 6, 2002 Law Books and Wig and gown. In other to position the company, we incorporated Princess Legal World to take over the assets and liabilities of Princess Divine Ventures on May 23, 2012. We are your one-stop outfit for the law profession. With over 10 years of our dealings on legal materials, we have carved a niche in the sales and supply of all types and ranges of quality law books, journals, gift items and accessories, (both practice and ceremonial

Law Books Titles

Evidence law in Nigeria

1. Law of evidence in Nigeria by Sylvester Omoregie Imhanobe; Nigeria. Publisher: Maitama, Abuja: Imhanobe Law Books Limited, [Nigeria]: Amfitop Nigeria Limited [2014].

2. Evidence Act, 2011: with cases & materials by Jide Okunoye; Nigeria. Publisher: Yenagoa, Bayelsa State, [Nigeria]: Lex Juris LP, 2011.

3. Cases and material on law of evidence by Oluwole Aluko Publisher: Ibadan, Nigeria: Brighter Star Law Publishers, 2011.

4. Law & practice of Evidence in Nigeria – Bayo Osipitan & Co.

5. Law And Practice Of Evidence In Nigeria: By Afe Babalola (SAN), Intec Printers, Ibadan

6. S T Hon’s Law of Evidence in Nigeria (Based on the Nigerian Evidence Act 2011)

7. A Casebook on the Law of Evidence in Nigeria by Niki Tobi Publishers: Fourth Dimension Publishing Company, Nigeria

8. Aguda T,(2007) The Law of Evidence , Spectrum Law Series, Ibadan

9. Law, rules and procedures of criminal investigation in Nigeria by Basil Momodu; Nigeria. Publisher: [Benin City, Nigeria]: Evergreen Overseas Publications Limited, 2013

10. Handbook on the innovations of the 2011 Evidence Act: with all the sections of the 2004 Evidence Act & their corresonding sections in the 2011 Act incorporated: a trial lawyer’s guide by Elias Adedokun Publisher: Yola, Nigeria : Alvari Communications Limited, 2012.

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