4 Types of Legal Gowns Recommended for Lawyers in ECOWAS Countries and Why


In the West African region, the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) encompasses several countries with shared legal traditions and practices. For Nigerian lawyers representing their clients in ECOWAS member states, dressing in appropriate legal attire is of utmost importance. Legal gowns play a significant role in projecting professionalism and respect in the courtroom. In this article, we will explore four types of legal gowns recommended for Nigerian lawyers practicing in ECOWAS countries and the reasons why they are preferred choices for legal wear.


Traditional Black Gown with White Bands:

The traditional black gown with white bands is a classic and widely recognized legal attire for lawyers in ECOWAS countries. The gown is typically made of black silk or wool fabric and features long, bell-shaped sleeves. The distinguishing feature of this gown is the white bands, also known as barrister bands or bar cuffs, which encircle the wrists.

The white bands are symbolic and represent the essential role of lawyers as officers of the court, committed to upholding justice and the rule of law. The traditional black gown exudes formality and professionalism, making it a recommended choice for Nigerian lawyers practicing in ECOWAS countries, where legal traditions often align with British legal customs.


Advocacy Gown:

The advocacy gown, often referred to as the “wig and gown,” is another prominent legal attire for Nigerian lawyers in ECOWAS countries. This gown is similar to the traditional black gown but includes a white horsehair wig, which is worn on formal occasions such as court appearances and ceremonial events.

Although the advocacy gown is less commonly worn in many ECOWAS countries today, it remains an essential part of legal attire, particularly for Nigerian lawyers representing their clients in formal and prestigious settings. The wig symbolizes tradition and authority, reinforcing the lawyer’s professional status in the courtroom.


Modified Legal Gown with National Elements:

In ECOWAS countries, legal attire may sometimes incorporate national elements or adaptations to reflect the country’s unique legal traditions. For Nigerian lawyers practicing in these countries, a modified legal gown that respects local customs while adhering to the general principles of legal wear can be a suitable choice.

For example, the black gown may be tailored to include specific embroidery or patterns that represent the country’s legal community. Such modifications allow Nigerian lawyers to maintain their cultural identity while adhering to the broader conventions of legal attire.


Gender-Inclusive Legal Gowns:

As the legal profession becomes more inclusive, gender-neutral or gender-inclusive legal gowns have gained popularity in some ECOWAS countries. These gowns are designed to be suitable for both male and female lawyers, eliminating the distinction between the traditional male gown and a separate gown for female lawyers.

Gender-inclusive legal gowns promote equality and inclusivity in the legal profession, making them a recommended choice for Nigerian lawyers who support the values of diversity and representation.



For Nigerian lawyers practicing in ECOWAS countries, selecting the appropriate legal gown is essential to project professionalism, respect, and adherence to legal traditions. The traditional black gown with white bands, the advocacy gown, modified legal gowns with national elements, and gender-inclusive legal gowns are recommended choices that align with the legal customs of ECOWAS member states.


By choosing the right legal gown, Nigerian lawyers can confidently present themselves in the courtroom and uphold the dignity and honor of the legal profession while respecting the shared legal heritage of the ECOWAS region.


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