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Wig and Gown 4less

Wig and Gown 4less is part of Princess Legal World limited, formerly trading as Princess Divine Ventures was registered on April 6, 2002 Legal Books wig and Gown. In other to position the company, we incorporated Princess Legal World to take over the assets and liabilities of Princess Divine Ventures on May 23, 2012. We are your one-stop outfit for the law profession. With over 10 years of our dealings on legal materials, we have carved a niche in the sales and supply of all types and ranges of quality law books, journals, gift items and accessories, (both practice and ceremonial).

We are positioned to always be at your service in the provision of all your legal needs. We have in stock, current law publications and Journals, Law Reports (both local and international jurisdictions), Law books, Reference materials, Rear books, Manuscripts and lots more.

Our stock of ceremonial and practice costumes are among the best that are offered in any part of the globe. We have made our mark in the supply of legal costumes and other accessories, in large quantity as well as unbeatable quality and affordable prices, both at the NBA Call-to-BAR sessions and other ceremonies. The government parastatals are not left out in our range of dealings, as we have supplied at different times, materials and books to various states’ judiciary.

Our clients praise our work, customer service and innovative solutions. We are committed to excellence and creating innovative and flexible solutions for our growing clients.

Our depth of knowledge of the various areas of concentration provides ensures that our we are always well-stocked to meet both local and international demands of our customers.

We also represent key law books publishers, legal costume producers and outfitters be it gown, wigs, shirts, accessories etc.

We have a time-tested management team in place to ensure seamless delivery of services to our clients. We are determined to create oasis of opportunities in our markets, dare great things and succeed even to the admiration of our customers and competitors. Our client includes governments, corporations, institutions and high-net worth individuals.

Our company has a growing market share in terms of sales. We are members of the Lagos NECA.

Legal Books wig and Gown.

You can also view Princesslegalworld.com for more Law books, wigs and gowns.

Our Mission

To be the leading name in distribution and retail sales of law books, outfit, accessories while meeting the needs of key stakeholders

How we add value

We add Value through a combination of: strategic vision; ability to clearly define business requirements and stakeholder benefits through a collaborative approach; understanding of key technologies.

A strong project management and implementation focus, and a strong focus on measurable benefit.

Law Books, wig and gown dealers in Nigeria
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Law Books, wig and gown dealers in Nigeria
We stock law books and best quality wig and gown for law students, lawyers and judges.
Wig and Gown 4less
Wig and Gown 4less
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